Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The quest continues with the Dinosaurs

You can see the quest continues of locating art in North Richland Hills, Texas. These were taken at the Technical High School. It is an enrichment program for Student who have interest in any kind of technology. I noticed these creatures one day when I was going shopping and the next time I brought my camera with to snap the pictures. I enjoy taking pictures around town in the spring and fall but this summer heat gets to me so the quest has been some what slow.
I was also having some problems getting online The software package I used for anti-virus protection didn't let me get connect. But I now have the connection under control and everything is setup the way it is suppose to me yea me.
I have never considered myself a poet but I am fascinated by Haiku's and Senryu's. So here is my humble attempt Haiku to the Dinosaur.
Winter has descended
These Creatures once walked the earth
Metal portraits them