Friday, June 24, 2011

The Horn Toad an Object of Art

Well as you can see I found another Utility Box this time it is on the corner of Rufe Snow and Stardust. I think. The Horn Toad is a creature that is almost extinct in the state of Texas. I grew up with them in Lubbock and Midland when I was younger but you don't see them much any more. They are more of a west Texas creature and then East Texas.

I found this poem on Authors Den about the Desert Horned Toad By Chuck Keller. Here's the Web site

The Desert Horned Toad
by Chuck Keller

Thursday, October 12, 2006
Not rated by the Author.

I chased these little horned lizards in the Nevada desert as a child.

I tried to make the poem look like the creature when centered on the page.

Darting eyes,
flicking tongue.
Scampering tracks in desert sand.
Tail makes a wiggly line
between tiny footprints.
Its journey in search
of food and survival
beneath the blistering
and relentless
desert sun.
Struggling daily to live
another cycle of sun to moon.

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